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But what about players who cannot refuse too passive play – those who raise only with the nuts, even if they know that they should have done this with a bunch of other hands? Those who constantly check-call, instead of making bets.

They are led by the fear that they will be raised . And 먹튀검증업체 their “reward” may differ, but most often it comes down to a sense of security. Thus, they avoid possible risk. But we are not talking about the risk of losing money, since it is obvious that a passive game cannot be avoided.

Here we are talking more about the risk of confrontation, the fear of getting into a difficult situation, and sometimes people are so affected by the fear of the crowd. So the reward here is to maintain a sense of security, and then security becomes a more important factor than earnings.

What is the use of learning to play poker , read books, analyze hands and gain knowledge directly from the game, if you really do not use them? It’s one thing to move away from a “textbook game” because of a read on an opponent, or some kind of instinctive feeling, or even because of tilt . But the other thing is to regularly ignore the correct game strategy and take unprofitable steps when you know that you can play better.

If you have ever noticed that you are doing something that, as you well know, will only lead to a negative result, then ask yourself – what do you get from this game? What is your “reward”, what is more important for you than profit , which makes you give up everything that you learned from poker strategy and continue to make the same mistake over and over again? Once you understand this, you can break the circle of self-sabotage and start making money normally.

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