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Prize bond Schedule 2019 is an exceptionally helpful archive on the off chance that you need to completely change yourself by low venture. Prize bond sweethearts purchase prize bond one time and get lifetime opportunity to win prizes. You reserve the option to return it whenever to the state bank or some other Bank in a similar cost. Prize security draws are being held by Prize Bond Schedule issued by National investment funds of Pakistan.

In Prize Bond Schedule 2019, estimations of Prize bond Guess Papers , date of draw and urban areas are given. Estimations of prize bond are one hundred, 200, seven-fifty, fifteen hundred, 7,000 500, fifteen thousand, twenty-5,000 and forty thousand. Prize Bond Schedule depicts that Prize bond draws will be held in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Muzzafarabad and Hyderabad this year. Check: AED to PKR

The holders of Prize bond check their prizes in the draw list after the draw. You can peruse this rundown on the official site of national investment funds, just as in national papers. When you purchase a prize bond, there will be four opportunities to win a prize in a year. On the off chance that you read Prize Bond Schedule 2019, you can comprehend this point each prize bond will be incorporated into draw multiple times each year.Details of Prize Bond Schedule 2019

As indicated by Prize Bond Schedule 2019, the draw of 15000 prize bond was hung on first Jan 2019. second draw of 750 prize bond was on fifteenth January.

The detail of different draws is as under.

RS 25000 01-02-2019 Friday

RS 7500 01-02-2019 Friday

RS 1500 15-02-2019 Friday

RS 100 15-02-2019 Friday

RS 40000 01-03-2019 Friday

RS 200 15-03-2019 Friday

RS 15000 01-04-2019 Monday

RS 750 15-04-2019 Monday

RS 25000 02-05-2019 Thursday

RS 7500 02-05-2019 Thursday

RS 1500 15-05-2019 Wednesday

RS 100 15-05-2019 Wednesday

RS 40000 03-06-2019 Monday

RS 200 17-06-2019 Monday

RS 15000 01-07-2019 Monday

RS 750 15-07-2019 Monday

RS 25000 01-08-2019 Thursday

RS 7500 01-08-2019 Thursday

RS 1500 15-08-2019 Thursday

RS 100 15-08-2019 Thursday

RS 40000 02-09-2019 Monday

RS 200 16-09-2019 Monday

RS 15000 01-10-2019 Tuesday

RS 750 15-10-2019 Tuesday

RS 25000 01-11-2019 Friday

RS 7500 01-11-2019 Friday

RS 1500 15-11-2019 Friday

RS 100 15-11-2019 Friday

RS 40000 02-12-2019 Monday

RS 200 16-12-2019 Monday

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